Testing the iOS 4.1 HD video upload to YouTube

Today Apple released iOS 4.1 for the iPhone 4, 3GS, and 3G.  One of the noted features was HD video upload to YouTube.  I have uploaded a couple videos to YouTube in the past and the quality was far from desired.  After the installation I took a quick 20 second video of the view from my porch outside.  I selected the option to upload to YouTube and let the phone go to work.

The upload process was actually pretty quick.  The video is was 6.8 Mb and it took about a minute or 2 to upload.  As soon as it was uploaded it was viewable online which was pretty nice.  Below you will find the video that I uploaded.

The first thing I noticed was that the 720p option was not available to select.  The phone can apparently support up to 720p recording so I am confused as to why it didn’t upload in 720p.  Other than that the video turned out pretty good.  I think this might be a nice feature to actually use in the future.

UPDATE:  It looks like the 720p option is now available.  It must take a little extra time for some processing to happen on the server.  This is exactly what I was looking for when Apple first announced the ability to upload straight to YouTube.

Testing the iOS 4.1 HD video upload to YouTube

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